To heal a broken
heart - quite literally

Our core mission is to prevent the progression of heart failure after MI by repairing tissue damage and restoring cardiac function.


A cutting edge therapeutic for modern regenerative medicine.

Regencor is a regenerative medicine company focused on developing cardiac regenerative therapies that target myocardial infarction and heart failure. We have discovered and patented recombinant glycosylation variants of human circulating FSTL1 that are remarkably regenerative after cardiac injury.


Mitigating heart failure after cardiac injury

Through our first in class therapeutics, we aim to facilitate cardiac regeneration and scar tissue reduction after cardiac injury.
Our solutions lead to improved cardiac function and reduced harmful consequences of heart attacks - such as progression to heart failure - resulting in increased  patient quality of life.


Myocardial Infarction is the leading cause of cardiac tissue damage & subsequent development of heart failure.


Global incidence of acute myocardial infarction


Of people with a first MI will progress to heart failure within 5 years, even with optimal medical management


Estimated number of heart failure patients worldwide

With no new drugs on the market, MI and post-MI heart failure remain deadly diseases with no curative or preventive treatment options.


9 years of R&D to establish a cutting edge therapeutic for modern regenerative medicine.

NIH Grant

NIH Grants to Founders leading to discovery of non-glycosylated FSTL1 as a proprietary therapeutic


Regencor Incorporation

The company is founded and launched


Nature Publication

Data published on Nature, widely cited


Regencor to join StartX Company

A Highly competitive incubator space


NIH SBIR Grants $4.2 M

NIH SBIR Grant of $4.2 M for EpicaPatch development


Large animal validation achieved

Delivery to the infract zone by means of the PCI catheter and generates great clinical outcome


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